“BIRDS AND GALAXIES” – a free on-line book to enjoy! This visual book combines our photography with some of the Hubble space images.

“A RUCKUS IN THE ROOKERY” or “Fred and Matilda in a Sticky Situation” (8″x10″ full color, soft cover)

A cheeky but charming photographic account of a Great Blue Heron male bringing the wrong sized stick to the nest! A great wedding/anniversary gift for the birding couple in your lives. Kids enjoy it too!

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“DESTINY DENIED” by K. D. Snyder (2nd Edition) is now available at A captivating page-turner with many a surprising twist, Destiny Denied is a novel for all ages. Available on Kindle.

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The “DESTINY FEARED” Trilogy by K. D. Snyder is available at An action-packed tale of adventure blending political intrigue, mystery, and romance, Destiny Feared will enthrall all ages.  Look for them on Kindle!

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BOOK I: Destiny Feared: The Intuitive Mind
BOOK II: Destiny Feared: The Instinctual Beast
BOOK III: Destiny Feared: The Circular Arrow


“DESTINY BLIND” is another adventurous tale filled with inspiring heroes pitted against dark sorcery, spoiled warlords, and illusive assassins. With a touch of philosophy and a sprinkling of romance, Destiny Blind will capture the imaginations of readers of all ages.  Also available on Kindle!

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