Recent USA and North America Trips- 8/22/21 to 8/27/21

Westport, WA: We flew to Seattle, WA on our way to Gambell, AK and stopped at Westport for the pelagic trip. While the weather wasn’t great for photography that particular day, we still had a marvelous trip. A big thanks to Phil, Chris, and all the spotters! We also birded the town and area.

First, the Pelagic Trip 8/26/21: Pink-footed Shearwater , Rhinoceros Auklet , Northern Fulmar (dark and light phase), Short-tailed Shearwater (higher than normal numbers were being reported, so it was a chance to focus on them rather than the Sooty Shearwater), Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel , Flesh-footed Shearwater , Common Murre , Buller’s Shearwater , Common Loon , Black-footed Albatross , and South Polar Skua .

Second, Westport area birds: We saw a huge Marbled Godwit flock with the reported Bar-tailed Godwit individuals buried in with them. That flock was something to see! Below: Bar-tailed Godwit , Western Sandpiper , Marbled Godwit , Least Sandpiper , Ring-billed Gull , Semi-palmated Plover , Pelagic Cormorant , Willet (unusual for Westport), Western Gull , Barn Swallow , Great Blue Heron , and Black Turnstone flock in flight.