Recent USA and North America Trips – 4/19/21

Dry Tortugas, FL: The first day of our 4 day camping trip (4/19 to 4/22) was wonderful! The weather was great and the birds gave us some wonderful looks! We took so many images, we have to break up the trip into each day’s adventure – so more pics coming soon! (We saw over 20 species of warblers!)

4/19/21 On the way out via ferry, The Captain of the Yankee Freedom III was kind enough to pause at Hospital Key so we could view the Masked Boobie flock there. The crew was super too – a BIG THANKS y’all! Also: Magnificent Frigatebird (m,f), Brown Noddy (we were unable to locate a Black Noddy like our last visit) and a small Bridle Tern group.

A number of friendly male Scarlet Tanager individuals gave us quite a show along with at least two Merlin individuals while a Black-whiskered Vireo came to the water. (We saw more of these throughout the trip. )

The warblers were showing off as well: The most abundant warbler was the Hooded Warbler and we were able to catch male, juv. males, juveniles, and females. Then: Yellow Warbler and Cape May Warbler males came out along with a lovely Blackburnian Warbler (m). Also seen: Blackpoll Warbler , Palm Warbler , and Prairie Warbler .

A few more birds seen the first day: Summer Tanager (m) with a Scarlet Tanager(m), Indigo Bunting (m), Orchard Oriole (f), Cattle Egret , Eastern Wood-Pewee , Blue Grosbeak (f,m), and the residents of the Sooty Tern colony. A Gray Catbird is also shown.