Recent USA and North America Trips – 4/20/21

Dry Tortugas, FL camping trip 4/19 to 4/22/21: Our second day: We didn’t seem to mind the rain too much as the birds were still amazing! We did have to use a higher ISO but the wind and rain also seemed to force the birds to the ground. At one point we were stepping carefully around Barn Swallows that were underfoot and too drenched to fly.

First the glorious warblers: Blackburnian Warbler , Blue-winged Warbler , Magnolia Warbler , and one pic of each (in last row), Northern Parula , American Redstart , and Hooded Warbler (see 4/19/21 for more Hooded).

4/19/21 Other birds we caught on this rainy day: Brown Pelican , Double-crested Cormorant , Gray Kingbird , Yellow-billed Cuckoo , Spotted Sandpiper , Red-eyed Vireo , soaked Barn Swallow individuals , White-eyed Vireo , and Broad-winged Hawk .

4/19/21: Finally some poorer images but still showing birds of interest: Dickcissel (small flock was seen), Northern Waterthrush , Peregrine Falcon , and a skulky Rose-breasted Grosbeak.