Recent USA and North America Trips – 4/21/21

Dry Tortugas, FL: Our third day was brilliant and the prior storm and its wind brought in more variety. While we didn’t catch photos of everything that was there, we sure tried!

First the wonderful warblers (mostly males): Yellow Warbler , Tennessee Warbler , Prairie Warbler , Ovenbird , Northern Waterthrush , Palm Warbler , Northern Parula , Nashville Warbler , Magnolia Warbler , Hooded Warbler , Chestnut-sided Warbler , Cape May Warbler (m,f), Blackpoll Warbler , Blackburnian Warbler , Black-and-white Warbler , and American Redstart .

Then, some of the the other migrants and residents we caught: Indigo Bunting (m), Broad-winged Hawk , Juv. Brown Boobie , Brown Noddy , Red-eyed Vireo , Scarlet Tanager (m), White-eyed Vireo , Yellow-billed Cuckoo , and Ruby-throated Hummingbird (m,f).

And finally, a few other pics from this day: Veery , Mourning Dove , Bridled Tern pair , Gray-checked Thrush , Sooty Tern and Sooty Tern chick , and Gray Kingbird .