Recent USA and North America Trips – 4/22/21

Dry Tortugas, FL: What a great trip! Our last day here was short as we had to clean up the campsite and leave on the ferry. Since we had taken so many warbler images we tried to focus on other birds, however, we immediately found a Swainson’s Warbler which we were excited about! So Warblers and Vireos first: Swainson’s Warbler , Ovenbird , Hooded Warbler (juv.), Black-whiskered Vireo , female Black-and-white Warbler , Cape May Warbler (m,f,) , and Red-eyed Vireo . (See other Dry Tortugas days for more warbler pics!)

It was interesting to see a migration of thrushes coming in and we caught Gray-cheeked Thrush and Veery individuals. The sky was also abruptly filled with swallows and suddenly we found a bunch of them resting in the grass at our feet: Cliff Swallow , Bank Swallow , and Barn Swallow .

A Merlin took advantage of the situation and ended up with a poor Cliff Swallow for its meal. Also: Orchard Oriole (m,f), Brown Noddy with nest material , and a Broad-winged Hawk also hoping for a meal.