Recent USA and North American Trips 1/11/23 to 1/26/23

On a trip to babysit the grand kiddies, we also birded a number of NWRs (Santee-Bluff Unit, SC /Assateague Island, VA/ Santee – Cuddo Unit, SC). On our way back from catching the Common Shelduck being seen in PA, we stopped at Conowingo Dam, MD. Going back in time….

1/24 and 1/26/23 Ft. Clinch, Amelia Island, FL: Back from our trip we caught a few pics of local birds: Pileated Woodpecker , Bonaparte’s Gull , Carolina Wren , Sanderling , and Double-crested Cormorant .

1/18/23 to 1/20/23 Chincoteague NWR, VA and Santee NWR, SC: A little male Belted Kingfisher was hamming it up for us as we entered the refuge. Also: Bufflehead (f,m) , Mallard , Golden-crowned Kinglet , juvenile Herring Gull with juv. Great Black-backed Gull , Pied-billed Grebe , Great Egret , Snow Goose flock , Ring-billed Gull , Great Blue Heron , White-throated Sparrow , Ruby-crowned Kinglet , and Swamp Sparrow .

1/18/23 Conowingo Dam, MD: Bald Eagle (brief stop – counted at least 10 ad, 15 juv. but they were mostly just sitting not fishing on this cold morning and we had to travel on) and Black Vulture . It was fun to see a Brown Creeper. Also: Great Black-backed Gull and Ring-billed Gull .

1/17/23 Near Lebanon, PA: A common Shelduck (m) was reported and we were able to see it almost immediately, thanks to some friendly birders .

1/12/23/ Santee NWR – Bluff Unit, SC: A curious Pine Warbler group was feeding low and offered us some sweet looks. Also: Ruby-crowned Kinglet , Yellow-bellied Sapsucker , Eastern Bluebird , Hermit Thrush , and Eastern Phoebe .

1/11/23 Four Creek State Park, FL: Before we left on our trip, a brief morning at the SP yielded Eastern Phoebe, Pine Warbler , Yellow-bellied Sapsucker , and just one of the many Yellow-rumped Warbler individuals we saw!

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