Recent USA and North American Trips 1/12/22 to 1/14/22

From 1/9/22 to 1/14/22 : After a fun and truly wonderful family gathering over the New Year, we decided to drive west and try for some bird rarities which were appearing in NM and TX. (We had planned for a longer trip, but with Covid cases climbing, we received the call that the grandkids’ daycare had closed and we were needed if available. Easy decision, that one! And we did get to see most of the birds we had come after – along with some of the local beauties.) Going backwards in time….

1/14/22 Oliveira Park, Brownsville, TX: Caught a few parrots – mostly Red-crowned Parrot and White-fronted Parrot. Also a tropical Kingbird and a Cooper’s Hawk were hanging around the park.

1/14/22 Benson -Rio Grande Valley State Park, TX: We didn’t know it at the time but this was to be our last day in Texas! What a treat to see a Green Kingfisher pair up-close!

Also at Benson Rio Grande Valley State Park, TX: Plain Chachalaca , Long-billed Thrasher , Hooded Oriole , Wild Turkey , Red-winged Blackbird , Green Jay , Great Kiskadee , Greater Roadrunner , Gray Hawk , juvenile , Golden-fronted Woodpecker , Black-crested Titmouse , and Altamira Oriole .

1/12 and 1/13/22 Brownsville, TX: After catching the Social Flycatcher that was hanging around the University, we headed to Estero Llano Grande State Park. It was fun to see a Sora family scurrying about the shallows. Also: White-tipped Dove , Olive Sparrow , Snowy Egret , Orange-crowned Warbler , Least Grebe , Ladder-backed Woodpecker , Inca Dove , Harris’s Hawk , Great -tailed Grackle , and Altamira Oriole (seen at the univiersity).

We also saw: Fulvous Whistling-Duck , Great Kiskadee , Eastern Screech Owl , Great Blue Heron , Black-crested Titmouse , Common Paraque , Black-bellied Whistling-Duck , Clay-colored Thrush (reacting to a nearby pig), House Sparrow , and Anhinga .


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