Recent USA and North American Trips 1/30/22 to 2/2/22

2/2/22 Amelia Island, FL: It was fun to “spot” a Spotted Sandpiper along the mudflats as the tide receded. Also: Willet , Black-bellied Plover , Common Loon , and Boat-tailed Grackle .

1/30 and 1/31/22 Amelia Island, FL: First, a Black Skimmer study – We love our skimmers!

1/31/22 Also on island: It is unusual to have a Painted Bunting (f) still around but it was certainly fun to see! Then: Vesper Sparrow , Northern Mockingbird and White Ibis , Red-bellied Woodpecker , Eastern Bluebird , Eastern Phoebe , Downy Woodpecker , Bald Eagle , Black-and-white Warbler , Palm Warbler , Yellow-rumped Warbler , and Hooded Merganser .

More from the Island: Forster’s Tern , Double-crested Cormorant , and Ring-billed Gull . With the wind catching the spray, the waves were awesome to watch!