Recent USA and North American Trips 10/16/21 to 10/24/21

While we were in Denver , CO, we were able to bird some of the parks in the area.

10/24/21 Mueller State Park and Gray’s Peak, CO: A brief visit to both found Mountain Chickadee , Canada Jay, Hairy Woodpecker , and a Dark-eyed Junco (at Gray’s). Also stopped at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument for the last two pics but didn’t catch any birds.

0/23/21 Cherry Creek State Park, Denver, CO: A Harris’s Sparrow showed up with a large White-crown Sparrow flock. Also: a Killdeer and White-throated Sparrow .

10/21/21 and 10/22/21 Also Cherry Creek State Park, Denver, CO: Townsend’s Solitaire , Song Sparrow , Red-winged Blackbird , Say’s Phoebe , Northern Flicker , Mallard , Black-capped Chickadee , and Black-billed Magpie .

10/16/21 Again at beautiful Cherry Creek State Park, Denver, CO: White Pelican flock study , White-crowned Sparrow , American Crow , American Coot .