Recent USA and North American Trips 10/9/21 to 10/15/21

While we were in Denver , CO, we were able to bird some of the parks in the area.

10/15/21 Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat: The star of the show was definitely a gorgeous American Bittern in wonderful light feeding casually on fish that wandered near. We were still watching it when it moved into the shade and the wind gave it some new hairstyles. Also: American Wigeon , Belted Kingfisher , Gadwall , Canada Goose , Green-winged Teal , Mallard , and Ring-necked Duck .

10/14/21 Barr Lake SP: A quick morning trip rewarded us with some interesting birds of prey: American Kestrel , Great Horned Owl , Red-tailed Hawk , and a distant juvenile Bald Eagle . No wonder the smaller birds were skittish! Also: European Starling and Lincoln’s Sparrow .

10/9/21 Cherry Creek SP: A beautiful but busy place! It is always fun to see the White Pelican flock that gathers on (and above) the lake. Black-billed Magpie individuals were checking out seedpods and an Amercian Robin flock was feeding on berries. Also: Black-capped Chickadee , House Finch , White-crowned Sparrow , and Red-tailed Hawk . Then we drove south to Castlewood Canyon SP and found a Canyon Wren !