Recent USA and North American Trips 11/1/21 to 11/12/21

11/12/21 Jacksonville, FL: On a wonderful morning (with variable light), we caught a friendly Osprey , a Piping Plover duo, Reddish Egret , and Red Knot .

11/12/21 Jacksonville, FL: An adult Brown Pelican in a bathing mood, Caspian Tern , Dunlin , Great Blue Heron , Great Egret , Semipalmated Plover , Great Black-backed Gull , Willet , and Wood Stork .

11/1/21 Amelia Island, FL: Found two Red Knots on the shore, but they were gone by the time we ran home for the camera and returned to the spot on the beach. The light was beautiful, so grabbed some shots of the Sanderling and Ruddy Turnstone individuals that were feeding along the shore instead. Also, some Brown Pelican pics from sunrise.