Recent USA and North American Trips 11/6/22 to 11/16/22

11/6 to 11/16/22 We flew to Nova Scotia, Canada, and birded NS and Newfoundland, trying to catch the Barnacle Goose (distant), Tufted Duck (close), Little Gull , grouse, and a few other goodies. What beautiful scenery and lovely people! The weather was great and when an Arctic bomb threated NF, we took the ferry back to NS where they were having record highs. Going back in time:

11/12 to 11/16/22 South of Halifax and New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada: At the end of our trip, we caught a Ruffed Grouse and a Little Gull (which was a continuing rare bird)! The last pic with two BOGU shows size.

11/12 to 11/16/22 Western Nova Scotia, Canada: Black Guillemot study , Bufflehead flock , Bonaparte’s Gull , Black Scoter flock , Common Loon , Common Eider (m,f), Greater Black-backed Gull , Great Cormorant , Double-crested Cormorant , Iceland Gull (3 pics), Red-throated Loon , Northern Gannet , and Surf Scoter flock.

11/12 to 11/16/22 Western Nova Scotia, Canada: American Crow , Black-capped Chickadee, Blue Jay , Dark-eyed Junco , Northern Flicker , Palm Warbler , Red-breasted Nuthatch , Red-tailed Hawk , a European Starling group taking baths, and Yellow-rumped Warbler .

11/10/22 Point Richie and area, Newfoundland, Canada: A Bohemian Waxwing flock eating berries along the coast was fun to see. We saw a steady stream of seabirds in the distance but only the Common Eider flock (with one King Eider) flew in close for us at the point. Also: Iceland Gull. We could have watched the wave action all day but the weather was turning wild and we took the ferry back to Nova Scotia.

11/9/22 Cape Race and area, Newfoundland, Canada: A Dovkie slipped into view between two rocks before vanishing. We also caught White-winged Scoter , Black Guillemot , Common Loon , Glaucous Gull , Black Scoter trio , Long-tailed Duck flock, Snow Bunting , and Northern Pintail .

11/8/22 With the weather soon to change, we hurried to the reported Tufted Duck location and found the flock still there! (We think they vanished the next day.) The close sightings were awesome. Also: American Wigeon , Mallard , and Ring-necked Duck , along with some chubby Rock Pigeon individuals.

11/7/22 Ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland, Canada: It was fun to see some seabirds while on the ferry (but the deck situation places travelers very far away from the birds): We caught images of Northern Fulmar (Flock had a Great Shearwater with it), Northern Gannet (ad, dark juv), and Black-legged Kittiwake (saw many but too distant for good pics).

11/6/22 Nova Scotia, Canada: We caught Bonaparte’s Gull , Black Duck , and the reported Barnacle Goose (very, very distant) on the way to the Newfoundland ferry along with a Black-headed Gull (also distant).

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