Recent USA and North American Trips 12/10/21 – 12/13/21

12/13/21 Amelia Island, FL: We have been extremely busy with Holidays and grand kiddies but had to quickly post some of our Hooded Merganser pics. A beautiful pair was feeding in the pond near Publix and gave us a bit of a show. Here is the resulting study.

On the same day, a Red Knot Flock graced us with its presence on the beach. It was so unfortunate that a man with a dog off-leash was allowing his pet to run after the hungry, tired birds! We did speak with him about the leash law and how the endangered Red Knots are a vanishing species. He did put the dog on a leash; God bless him. Merry Christmas to all – may your light shine!

12/10/21 Okefenokee Swamp, GA: It was pretty quiet but we did catch Eastern Phoebe , Hooded Merganser , Red-cockaded Woodpecker , and Yellow-rumped Warbler (one of many flitting about!).