Recent USA and North American Trips 12/4/21 to 12/8/21

12/8/21 JAX, FL: A friendly Belted Kingfisher stopped by and gave us some decent looks while a Piping Plover family rested, preened, and fed along the shore. Also: a 1st winter Herring Gull messing with a Jellyfish and a Laughing Gull taking a bath at sunrise.

12/8/21 JAX, FL: A few more birds we took: Willet , Snowy Egret , Wilson’s Plover , Sanderling , Ruddy Turnstone , Ring-billed Gull , Brown Pelican , Yellow-rumped Warbler , and Black-bellied Plover .

12/4/21 Amelia Island, FL: A brief outing on island gave us a Red-shouldered Hawk (juv) , House Wren , Mourning Dove , Blue-headed Vireo , Tricolored Heron , Blue-gray Gnatcatcher , Snowy Egret , Wood Stork group , and Saltmarsh Sparrow . It is always special to be out in nature!