Recent USA and North American Trips 2/9/22 – 2/15/22

2/15/22 Amelia Island, FL: A Redhead was reported on-island so we ran out to catch it and found two pairs happily feeding. (They were a bit distant and the light wasn’t great, so we did not stay long – but they were certainly fun to see.) Also: Bonaparte’s Gull .

2/14/22 Ralph E. Simmons State Forest, FL: A fun visit with a Red-headed Woodpecker was a highlight! Also: Red-bellied Woodpecker , Blue-headed Vireo , Pine Warbler , Palm Warbler , Chipping Sparrow , a distant Brown-headed Nuthatch duo , and American Goldfinch .

A few more Red-headed Woodpecker images:

2/10/22 Sweetwater Preserve, Gainesville, FL: It was quite late in the morning by the time we got to Sweetwater. Not only was it rather quiet but the harsh light did not do the birds justice. It was still fun to see : Blue-winged Teal , Common Gallinule , Anhinga , Little Blue Heron , House Wren , Glossy Ibis , and Sandhill Cranes flying overhead.

2/10/22 Payne Prairie Conservation Area, Gainesville, FL: We spent a couple of hours searching for Henslow’s Sparrow and found one buried at our feet! They are very sneaky.

2/9/22 JAX, and Little Talbot SP, FL: On a foggy morning, we caught an Osprey chowing down breakfast. Also, Piping Plover and White Pelican . When the sun came out , we found a White-eyed Vireo and Yellow-rumped Warbler working the bushes. And some Amelia Island sunrises (Jan+Feb)!