Recent USA and North American Trips 5/13/23 to 5/15/23

5/15/23 Okefenokee NWR, GA: It was fun to find a Red-cockaded Woodpecker nest hole. The parents were both coming in with food: spiders, worms, and other goodies. Also: Bachman’s Sparrow , Red-headed Woodpecker , Eastern Kingbird , and Great Crested Flycatcher .

5/13/23 and 5/14/23 Fort Clinch, (Amelia Island) and JAX area, FL: American Oystercatcher pair (both banded), Brown Pelican , Least Tern pair, Royal Tern pair and colony, Sanderling (breeding and non-breeding plumage), Semipalmated Plover with worm, Snowy Egret , Willet , Common Ground-Dove , and Wilson’s Plover .

5/14/23/ JAX area, FL: The Laughing Gull colony at Huguenot Memorial Park is in full swing:


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