Recent USA and North American Trips 5/3/22 to 5/14/22

5/10/22 and 5/11/22 and 5/14/22 Yulee, FL: Bill George, head of the Amelia Island Bird Club, gave us a head’s up about some Mississippi Kites in his area and we were able to run over and try for the birds. This was a restricted area. The angles and trees were tough, but it was sure fun trying to capture them before they flew up high to feed. The second day we had a better angle. The third time we caught some different looks. They were beautiful to see! Thanks, Bill!

5/23/22 Crooked Creek State Park, GA: We found the local birds nesting and with young. Black-crowned Night-Heron , Blue Jay nest , Brown Thrasher , Eastern Bluebird, Green Heron , Northern Parula , Summer Tanager , and White-eyed Vireo .

5/3/22 St. Augustine Rookery, FL: Anhinga nest , Great Egret individuals with chicks , and Little Blue Heron .

Also: Roseate Spoonbill , Snowy Egret displays , and Tricolored Heron pairs. For more cute pics of Spoonbill chicks CLICK HERE (4/23/22 TRIP).

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