Recent USA and North American Trips 6/10/22 to 6/12/22

6/11/22 and 6/12/22 Mount Lemon, Tucson, AZ: We caught the Pine Flycatcher being seen here at a campsite by chance as it flew down from a high pine branch to snatch a bug. Also: Hairy Woodpecker , House Wren (ad,juv), Cordilleran Flycatcher, and a juv. Painted Redstart .

6/11/22 and 6/12/22 Mount Lemon, Tucson, AZ: Grace’s Warbler with juv., Olive Warbler , and Red-faced Warbler . Also: Warbling Vireo , Spotted Towhee , White-breasted Nuthatch , and Yellow-eyed Junco (ad,juv).

6/10/22 Happy Valley Rd, Tucson, AZ: A Nutting’s Flycatcher was being reported at this location and we were able to see it! Unfortunately for the poor bird, it had a broken bill. This telltale marking, however, made us sure we had found it among the similar Ash-throated (2pics) and Brown-crested (1pic) Flycatchers that swarmed the area.

6/10/12 Also at Happy Valley Road, Tucson, AZ: Black-throated Sparrow (ad, juv), Gray Hawk , House Finch, and Lucy’s Warbler family.

6/10/22 Again at Happy Valley Road, AZ: Gila Woodpecker at hole, Mourning Dove , Summer Tanager (m), and a busy Yellow Warbler family.

6/10/22 Pecos Co. rest stop, TX: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher pair, Vermilion Flycatcher pair , Western Kingbird on nest , Bullock’s Oriole pair , Lark Sparrow , and male Orchard Oriole . We have never seen so much bird activity at a rest stop before!

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