Recent USA and North American Trips 6/19/22 to 6/23/22

6/23/22 After a morning at Lake Nacimiento Rec. Park, we headed to the Salton Sea, CA: The little Burrowing Owl seen catching some shade in 110 degree heat was a treat. Also, the fields of White-faced Ibis in great light were fun to see, not to mention the Yellow-footed Gull individuals we came across.

6/23/22 Lake Nacimiento Rec. Park, CA: Yellow-billed Magpie study, Oak Titmouse , Red-tailed Hawk juv., Violet-green Swallow at nest hole, American Crow , Brewer’s Blackbird (m,f), and Cliff Swallow.

6/19/22 and 6/22/22 Angeles National Forest, CA: Camping here was a beautiful experience! (Though one night, while we were having a few drops of rain, a canyon 3 miles away had a flood with half inch hail stones covering the ground!) Shown here: Lawrence’s Goldfinch , Dark-eyed Junco , Hermit Warbler , Brown Creeper , Mountain Chickadee , Purple Finch , Pygmy Nuthatch , White-headed Woodpecker , Western Bluebird , Lesser Goldfinch , Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon’s), and Black-throated Gray Warbler .

6/19/22 to 6/22/22 Angles National Forest, CA : Anna’s Hummingbird , Band-tailed Pigeon , California Scrub-Jay , Green-tailed Towhee , Steller’s Jay (ad. begging juv.), and Acorn Woodpecker (juv., ad.)

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