Recent USA and North American Trips – 6/3/21 to 6/10/21

Jacksonville, FL 6/10/21: The Laughing Gull colony at Huguenot Memorial Park was in full swing with many chicks of various sizes. Shown here: a series of images regarding a chick whose parents were trying to feed it something it simply could not swallow. The little guy tried hard!

Then, there were four Laughing Gull chicks trying to share one fish. The littlest one held on and finally succeeded in swallowing the huge meal in spite of its siblings.

More images of Laughing Gull chicks and adults along with the first Brown Pelican chicks we have seen and a pair mating. Also: Herring Gull , Royal Tern with their young still on the dunes , Mottled Duck , Boat-tailed Grackle , and Wilson’s Plover .

Amelia Island, FL 6/3/21: A quick morning trip to the north of the island gave us a Great Crested Flycatcher , Yellow-throated Warbler , Red-bellied Woodpecker , Painted Bunting , Blue-gray Gnatcatcher , American Crow , and a juv. Northern Parula .