Recent USA and North American Trips 7/17/22 to 8/12/22

8/10/22 The Pond, Big Talbot SP, FL: A “few” pics of Black Skimmer individuals skimming. We obviously can’t get enough of them! So cool! Also: Sanderling (wings), and Semipalmated Sandpiper (with Sanderlings).

8/10/22 Gull-billed Tern individuals were fishing as well. They tend to dip towards the fish on the water surface, not splashing into the water like many of the other terns. Also: Great Egret .

8/7/22 Ralph Simmons State Forest, FL : An early morning hike gave us quite a few birds but only a Bachman’s Sparrow, a juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker (and ad.), and a Louisiana Waterthrush allowed us to take pictures!

8/6/22 Amelia Island and south to Big Talbot, FL : An adult Red-shouldered Hawk and a White Ibis flock (ad,juv) up close, and more distant sightings but still of interest: Least Tern , Roseate Spoonbill , Greater Yellowlegs , Least Sandpiper , and a very distant Gull-billed Tern .

8/4/22 Amelia Island, FL: Wandering about at dawn, we found this Osprey waiting for the sun as well. We took our pics from the car and he didn’t seem to mind us being there.

7/26/22 Huguenot Memorial Park, JAX: All the little ones have grown up. A Royal Tern teen posed nicely and the adults hovered over a youngster who was out too deep with the tide coming in. An adult and juvenile Reddish Egret were fishing – they are always fun to watch. Also: Herring Gull , Laughing Gull , Greater Black-backed Gull , Sanderling , and Herring Gull juvenile individuals.

7/17/22 Marathon Key, FL : We had a couple of days to run down to the keys and tried for the Antillean Nighthawk individuals being seen there. They were two definitely calling (more distant) along with Common Nighthawk individuals (closer). Returning in the early morning, we saw and heard their distinctive calls again and found a Common Nighthawk on the ground. Also: a distant White-crowned Pigeon. On the way back from the keys, we stopped at a Miami park and caught an Egyptian Goose flock and White-eyed Vireo.

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