Recent USA and North American Trips 7/2/21

6/30/21 – 7/11/21 We headed out west to see family and also did some birding! We hit CO, NV, ID, MT, ND before heading home once again. We loved seeing the Gunnison Sage-Grouse, Calliope Hummingbird, and Mountain Plover, while the Eared Grebes feeding and carrying their tiny chicks on their backs in ND was a definite highlight!

Gunnison, CO: We were thrilled to see two male Gunnison Sage-Grouse out in the open and then we got to see some juveniles as well! The camouflage was amazing. The birds just melted into the habitat and we never saw them again. It was a pretty special morning!

Gunnison, CO: Townsend’s Solitaire , Red-tailed Hawk , Mountain Bluebird , m, juvenile with f), Brewer’s Sparrow , Common Grackle with begging juv., Brewer’s Blackbird (f), and a predawn American Kestrel breakfasting on a bird. We had never seen one take another bird before.

A brief stop at Colorado Nat. Mon., we also caught Bushtit , Common Raven , House Finch, and Woodhouse Scrub-Jay .