Recent USA and North American Trips 7/28/21 to 8/8/21

8/8/21 Huguenot Memorial Park, Jax, FL: Our time was too brief on a beautiful morning here. With three lovely Reddish Egret individuals fishing the shallows, we had to focus on them. So, here is a Reddish Egret study. Another interesting sight: a lone teen Royal Tern, apparently unable to fly as yet, was caught on a sandbar as the tide started rising. Finally it began to swim for the beach. The water was getting quite deep. How the adults hovered protectively about the little one and called excitedly as it made the shore!

8/8/21 Also: More Royal Tern images, along with a young Brown Pelican in flight, a Sandwich Tern , and Common Tern .

7/28/21 Amelia Island, FL: Had to test out our camera and found a Canada Goose flock and some Eastern Bluebird juveniles to check it out on.

7/28/21 Amelia Island, FL: Early morning found a Loggerhead Sea Turtle excavation with many young ones still in the nest. The hard working volunteers got all the little ones down to the water. The day before, we caught 6 young ones making it down the beach from a nest at dawn. Sunrises from Amelia Island in July.