Recent USA and North American Trips 8/27 – 8/31/21

On our way to Gambell, AK, we traveled via Achorage, AK, and did some birding around the area. It was great fun to see Spruce Grouse (5 individuals), with Black-capped Chickadee , White-crowned Sparrow, and Golden-crowned Sparrow along a mountain road.

Back in the town of Anchorage, there are numerous places to bird. An American Three-toed Woodpecker was tapping a tree near our B&B and gave us a peek. At a nearby lake, a Trumpeter Swan pair put on a show for us as did American Wigeon individuals and a Red-necked Grebe parent feeding its teenager.

Also: Pacific Loon (juv, ad. breeding plum.), Greater Scaup , Common Goldeneye , Ring-necked Duck , Green-winged Teal , and Northern Shoveler .