Recent USA and North American Trips 9/2/21 – 9/11/21

We flew to Gambell, AK, as part of the Wilderness Birding Adventures with two super nice guides, Aaron Lang and Steve Heinl. They are two phenomenal birders, both with amazing sight and hearing. They were extremely quick with the camera as well! This was important, as often an unusual bird would flit from one thicket and vanish swiftly into another. Our stalwart guides would speed about over boulders and through muck to catch pictures to ID the little vagrants; then we could figure out if we wanted to try our own luck with photographing the bird. Again, a BIG thank you for all your hard work!

While we were on the island, we stayed in the interesting Yup’ik village and ran into the villagers as we birded. Each was charming and curious about us. It was fascinating to learn about a different culture as well as catch some Asian bird rarities. It was a great trip with a bunch of very kind and knowledgeable birders in our group who helped us with whole experience. Thanks all!

9/5/21 to 9/11/21 It was exciting to see a Gray-tailed Tattler marching along the lake bank on one of the last days of the trip. Also: Hoary Redpoll/Common Redpoll individuals (We also have Common Redpoll/Hoary Redpolls!), Red-throated Pipit , Pine Siskin nibbling on flower-heads, Siberian Accentor , Northern Wheatear , and a wonderful White Wagtail that posed in the sun for us. It was also interesting to see the gulls feeding on whale bones.

9/2/21 to 9/11/21 We have to admit that we were much taken with the local Snow Bunting and Lapland Longspur families, along with a friendly Wandering Tattler, all of which we do not get to see in Florida!

9/2 to 9/11/21: Also, some poorer quality images of the rarities that showed up and some of the more distant local birds: Arctic Warbler , Chiffchaff , Dusky Warbler , Horned Puffin , Little Bunting , Middendorff’s Grasshopper Warbler , Rough-legged Hawk group’s aerial display , Western Sandpiper , Sharp-tailed Sandpiper , Pigeon Guillemot , Peregrine Falcon , Siberian Bluethroat , and King Eider . Also: Some of the island rodents and Pelagic Cormorant .

9/2 to 9/11/21 A few more pics: more Snow Bunting , Golden-crowned Sparrow , Black-legged Kittiwake , Common Redpoll/Hoary Redpoll , and Eastern Yellow Wagtail .