Recent USA and North American Trips 9/8/22 to 9/9/22

9/9/22 Green Cay Preserve, FL: A juvenile Purple Gallinule in molt was feeding along the banks. Also: Black-bellied Whistling Duck , Green Heron , Pied-billed Grebe , Glossy Ibis , and Mottled Duck .

Green Cay Preserve, FL: Gray-headed Swamphen:

Also: Boat-tailed Grackle flock, dark-eyed Floridians and many missing tails, Common Gallinule (juv.) , Anhinga , and Rock Pigeon .

9/8/22 Miami area, FL: We hooked up with Larry Manfredi (He really knows his birds and the area!) to find Red-masked Parakeets and Mitred Parakeets. He came through as always, and we had fun photo fests with each of these. Thanks, Larry!

First: Red-masked Parakeet (ad. and juv. without the red mask.)

Second: Mitred Parakeet :

Also, still Miami Area: Muscovy Duck, Yellow-chevroned Parakeet (found with the MAPA) and a small Shiny Cowbird flock (m,f) in Homestead, FL.

And a brief stop at Viero Wetlands’ parking lot, FL (They have sadly closed the preserve to vehicles now.) : Sandhill Crane .

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