Recent USA and North American Trip 4/3/22 to 4/15/22

4/15/2022 Amelia Island, FL: A nice little migrant surprise showed up and we were happy to snap pics of a Northern Waterthrush pair visiting a pool of rainwater. Also: Northern Parula , Red-bellied Woodpecker , and Gray Catbird . It’s SPRING!

4/5/2022 Fort Clinch, Amelia Island, FL: Always fun to see a Barred Owl out in the woods. Also, Northern Parula , Mourning Dove , and Red-bellied Woodpecker .

4/3/22 Jacksonville, FL: Black Skimmer , Bonaparte’s Gull (hidden), Double Crested Cormorant , Brown Pelican , Greater Black-backed Gull , Lesser Black-backed Gull , Ring-billed Gull on grass , Royal Tern , Short-billed Dowitcher , Willet , Sanderling , Wilson’s Plover pair , and Ruddy Turnstone .

Also: Herring Gull and Laughing Gull .


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