Recent USA and North American Trips 3/26/22 to 4/1/22

4/1/22 Gainesville area, FL: We were hoping to see the Limpkin chicks again and they called right behind us on the path – almost too close! We stayed very still since we did not know where the parent was, and we certainly did not want to separate or stress the family. Sure enough, the two youngsters found who they were looking for and made for the swamp. We saw them following the adult into the higher reeds. We were also able to catch so-so pics of the yellow Northern Cardinal male (reportedly a one in a million morph) that was being seen near the university. He caught two lizards and interacted with some regular red Northern Cardinal pairs in the area.

4/1/22 Gainesville, FL: Also: Little Blue Heron (white juv.), Mottled Duck , Pied-billed Grebe , Purple Gallinule , Red-winged Blackbird (f), Savannah Sparrow , Snowy Egret (these would land lightly on some plants, start sinking quickly, and take off again to skim for food), Tricolored Heron , Solitary Sandpiper , Blue-winged Teal , Boat-tailed Grackle (f), Common Gallinule with one chick , Common Yellowthroat , Double-crested Cormorant , Glossy Ibis , and House Finch .

3/26/22 Gainesville, FL: Passing through, we paused briefly at Sweetwater Preserve: the show-stealer was a Great Blue Heron with a very, very large catch! (We never did see the catfish get swallowed.) A Limpkin with two chicks was another highlight. We returned on 4/1/22 and saw them again much closer.

3/26/22 Sweetwater Preserve: Double-crested Cormorant (showing its crests), Little Blue Heron (juv. white), Black-bellied Whistling Duck flock , Blue-winged Teal , Snail Kite (juv.), and Wood Stork.

3/26/22 Gainesville, FL: Red-shouldered Hawk , Downy Woodpecker , Yellow-throated Warbler , Pine Warbler , Palm Warbler , and Eastern Bluebird .

3/2022 Fort Clinch, Amelia Island, FL: A few images from a pretty morning.


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