Recent USA and North American Trips 10/28/22 to 10/29/22

10,29,22 Merritt island, FL: A beautiful Reddish Egret was fishing at sunrise – too much fun to watch! Also: A Sora in the shadows and a Tricolored Heron hunting for breakfast.

10,29,22 Merritt Island, FL: A number of Green Heron individuals were out and about along with Little Blue Heron , various Osprey at dawn , Common Gallinule (ad, juv), Great Blue Heron , Common Yellowthroat , and Anhinga .

10/28/22 Miami, FL: We missed the honeycreeper being seen here but caught a bunch of warblers and other beauties to keep us happy. At least two Bay-breasted Warbler individuals showed up to munch on berries. Also: Cape May Warbler , Tennessee Warbler , and a peeking Yellow-throated Warbler .

10/28/22 Miami, FL: Prairie Warbler , Northern Parula , Palm Warbler , Black-throated Blue Warbler [f, (m, poor image but of interest)] , and American Redstart (also poor image).

10/28/22 Miami, FL: We also saw: Baltimore Oriole (1st yr), Blue Gray Gnatcatcher , a very stripy juvenile Indigo Bunting , Northern Mockingingbird , Red-bellied Woodpecker , and a Yellow-billed Cuckoo !

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