Recent USA and North American Trips 9/11/22 to 10/9/22

10/6 to 10/9/22 Amelia Island, FL: Migrants were still coming through. A White-eyed Vireo caught a lizard and was more interested in it than in us. Also: Downy Woodpecker .

10/6 to 10/9/22 Amelia Island, FL: A nice treat in beautiful sunlight: Common Yellowthroat preening (m), House Wren , Yellow Warbler , Indigo Bunting , American Redstart (juv), and an early morning Bobolink – only one.

10/5/22 Amelia Island, FL: Warblers were out in beautiful light! Prairie Warbler , Cape May Warbler (ad, 1st yr), American Redstart (juv), Red-bellied Woodpecker , Ruby-crowned Kinglet , Scarlet Tanager (f), Yellow-throated Warbler , Gray Catbird , Eastern Phoebe , and Tennessee Warbler .

9/20/22 JAX, FL: It was glorious out! Sandwich Tern individuals were zipping about, a young Roseate Spoonbill duo ventured close for a picture, and Caspian Tern parents were resting with a juvenile. Also: Laughing Gull , Greater Black-backed Gull , Willet , Reddish Egret , Turkey Vulture , Wood Stork , and more distant: Western Sandpiper .

9/20/22 Amelia Island, FL: In the early morning we caught Northern Parula , Prairie Warbler , Red-eyed Vireo , Northern Cardinal , Tufted Titmouse , White-eyed Vireo , and some beautiful Gulf Fritillary individuals .

9/15/22 JAX, FL: Another awesome day! Black Skimmer (juv), Turkey Vulture , Wilson’s Plover , and Greater Black-backed Gull .

9/15/22 JAX, FL: Black-bellied Plover , Common Ground-Dove , Osprey , Ruddy Turnstone , Sandwich Tern (ad, juv), American Oystercatcher , and a Brown Pelican flock feeding in interesting light.

9/11/22 Amelia Island, FL: Loggerhead Shrike and some shorebirds in a rain-flooded field: Least Sandpiper , Semipalmated Plover , and Lesser Yellowlegs.

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