Recent USA and North American Trips 11/22/22 to 11/27/22

11/22/22 to 11/27/22 Tucson Area, AZ: We flew to Tucson to try for a few birds being seen out there. The Fan-tailed Warbler was REALLY obliging (see pics below from 11/22/22)! Going back in time:

11/27/22 Our Last morning in Arizona – Reid Park, Tucson, AZ: Vermilion Flycatcher (we never get enough of these little beauties) , Lewis’s Woodpecker , Greater Pewee , Western Bluebird , Lesser Goldfinch , Cedar Waxwing , Yellow-rumped Warbler , and Hutton’s Vireo .

11/26/22 Cienegas National Conservation Area, near Tucson, AZ: Red-tailed Hawk (various individuals), Harris’s Hawk (two), Great Horned Owl , Common Ground-Dove (Western), White-tailed Kite , and Western Meadowlark .

11/26/22 Patagonia, AZ: Cassin’s Vireo , Bewick’s Wren , Gila Woodpecker, Inca Dove , Violet-crowned Hummingbird , and Ladder-backed Woodpecker .

11/25/22 Cienegas National Conservation Area, Tucson Area, AZ: Northern Harrier hunting, American Kestrel , a juvenile Western Meadowlark or possible Chihuahuan Meadowlark , Horned Lark , Chihuahuan Raven , Red-tailed Hawk (western juv.), and Mountain Bluebird .

11/25/22 Tucson, AZ: Reid Park had ducks: Canvasback (m,f), American Wigeon (m), and Ring-necked Duck .

11/25/22 Tucson, AZ: Arizona Sonora Desert Museum had a Cactus Wren building a nest, a Costa’s Hummingbird, and a Barn Owl (captured) being used in a demonstration. Having a paucity of Barn Owl images, we had to take some pics of the beautiful creature.

11/23 and 11/24/22 At two sites within the Cienegas National Conservation Area, south of Tucson, AZ: Red-tailed Hawk , Savannah Sparrow , Loggerhead Shrike with a mouse , Say’s Phoebe , Chestnut-collared Longspur , White-tailed Kite pair, American Kestrel , Harris’s Hawk , Chihuahuan Meadowlark , American Pipit , Lark Sparrow , Western Meadowlark , Vesper Sparrow , and Chipping Sparrow .

11/23 and 11/24/22 Amado WTP, South of Tucson, AZ: We caught the reported Greater White-fronted Goose hanging with the Snow Goose gang. Also: Greater Roadrunner , Northern Shoveler , Least Sandpiper , Green-winged Teal , and two Kildeer interacting .

11/23/22 Patagonia, AZ: Williamson’s Sapsucker (m), Gila Woodpecker (m,f), Ladder-backed Woodpecker , Curve-billed Thrasher , White-winged Dove , Ruby-crowned Kinglet .

11/22/22 On our first day, the continuing Fan-tailed Warbler being reported was still in the river wash and gave us great looks. It was a beautiful bird! (And may have vanished a few days later so we felt very fortunate seeing it.) Also: Phainopepla (m), Pyrrhuloxia (f,m), and Ruby-crowned Kinglet . Then, at a very kind ranch on Rt 19 near Nogales, we saw a Thick-billed Kingbird and Vermilion Flycatcher (f).

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