Recent USA and North American Trips 2/24/22 to 2/27/22

2/26/22 and 2/27/22 Amelia Island, FL: Palm Warbler , Red-bellied Woodpecker pair, Savannah Sparrow , White-eyed Vireo , Song Sparrow (1 pic) , White-throated Sparrow , Pileated Woodpecker , and Yellow-throated Warbler .

2/26/22 and 2/27/22 Amelia Island, FL: Black-throated Gray Warbler was seen again on a foggy morning. (Probably the one from last year hung around during the winter – we got better pics last year but he is still here.) And, a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher proudly showing off its spider. Then some more common birds on a glorious morning: Blue Jay , Fish Crow , Gray Catbird , Mourning Dove , Northern Cardinal , Northern Mockingbird .

2/24/2022 Amelia Island, FL: We walked a bit along Egan Creek on an absolutely beautiful morning and found a hungry Cedar Waxwing flock that was fun to watch as they fed on berries. Also: Northern Cardinal , Orange-crowned Warbler , Tricolored Heron , and Blue-gray Gnatcatcher . (Also, a Bonaparte’s Gull from the foggy beach that morning at sunrise.)


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