Recent USA and North American Trips 3/3/22

3/3/22 St. Augustine’s Alligator Farm Rookery: This is a special place where the birds are free to come and go. They choose to breed here due to the alligators which keep the predators under control. Roseate Spoonbill pairs were in fancy plumage and it was interesting to watch them interact and work on their nests. It was also fun to watch the Anhinga males displaying.

Also: Yellow-crowned Night-Heron , White-Ibis , Great Egret , and Black Vulture .

3/3/22 We meandered south of St. Augustine towards Fort Mantanzas Reserve and saw: Blue-headed Vireo , Cooper’s Hawk , Common Loon , Yellow-rumped Warbler , Yellow-bellied Sapsucker , Double-crested Cormorant , and Osprey .


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