Recent USA and North American Trips 4/16/22 to 4/20/22

4/20/22 St. Augustine Rookery, FL: Some birds have young already; some fancy adults are still gathering sticks and nest building; some are rolling their eggs and are getting ready to sit for a while. It is all fun to watch! Tricolored Heron , Wood Stork , Snowy Egret , Roseate Spoonbill , Great Egret , Cattle Egret , Black Vulture , and Cedar Waxwing .

4/19/22 Amelia Island, FL: Cape May Warbler , Carolina Chickadee , Northern Parula , Painted Bunting , Red-bellied Woodpecker , Swamp Sparrow , Sharp-shinned Hawk , Yellow-throated Warbler , Black-crowned Night-Heron , Carolina Wren , and Common Yellowthroat .

4/16/22 Ralph E. Simmons State Forest, FL: It was a foggy, foggy morning and we quickly left after discovering there was turkey hunting in progress! We did catch a foggy Bachmann’s Sparrow , a foggy Brown Thrasher, and a Foggy (you are catching the drift) Black-and-white Warbler. Also in the foggy catagory: An Eastern Bluebird , Summer Tanager , and Eastern Towhee .


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