Recent USA and North American Trips 5/15/22 to 5/22/22

5/22/22 Amelia Island, FL: (restricted access) An Eastern Screech-Owl was hanging in a hole and we were able to grab some shots while it was awake. We stayed only 15-20 minutes so as not to stress the bird. Also, a hunting Red-shouldered Hawk was preening for us.

5/18/22 Jacksonville, FL: It was so great to see a rare flock of breeding plumaged Red Knots! These birds can be so shy and looked hungry – one needs patience to study them. PLEASE be careful with them. Always keep dogs on leashes to protect our shorebirds and politely educate others on the beach as well. (We saw a fellow last week allowing his dog to chase Least Terns. (Haven’t seen Least Terns nest on our beach for many years now. These birds are quickly vanishing. )

5/18/22 Jacksonville, FL: American Oystercatcher , Piping Plover , Ruddy Turnstone , Sanderling (breeding plumage and non-breeding plumage) , Herring Gull (ad, juv), Black-bellied Plover (breeding plumage), Great Blue Heron , Laughing Gull , and Snowy Egret .

5/17/22 Yulee, FL: More Mississippi Kite pics!

5/15/22 Amelia Island, FL: A Clapper Rail chorus drew our attention and we found a few out and about in the marsh showing off. Also, a female Painted Bunting with nest material , a Carolina Wren with food, and an Accipiter waiting for everyone to make a mistake. It was suddenly very quiet when the hawk showed up.

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