Recent USA and North American Trips 6/27/22 to 6/29/22

6/27 to 6/29/22 South Llano River SP, TX: Camping here was sweet! The stars (no pics) were amazing and the birds (too many pics) were awesome!

Some of the first birds we heard, then saw, were Black-capped Vireo individuals which sort of made our day. Three other vireos we saw were Bell’s Vireo (numerous) , Red-eyed Vireo , and yellow-throated Vireo.

6/27 to 6/29/22 Also: Everybody seemed to be taking baths in the heat! Some wet fun with Yellow-breasted Chat , Painted Bunting (m,f), Summer Tanager (f,m) , Yellow-throated Warbler , and Orchard Oriole (m).

6/27 and 6/29/22 South Llano River SP, TX: Golden-fronted Woodpecker (m,f,), House Finch (m) feeding a young one, Black-crested Titmouse (ad, juv.), Black-throated Sparrow , Blue Grosbeak , Brown-headed Cowbird , Field Sparrow , Ladder-backed Woodpecker , along with Lark Sparrow and Northern Cardinal both with juveniles. Also, a White-winged Dove .

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